We are in the process of setting up our new studio space and it's taken a little longer then expected. We should be open soon in early 2019!

Happy Holidays xoxoxo


My Story

Sibérie Perfumes all began with a love for alchemy + the olfactive arts.


Sibérie Perfumes [ see-berry] is dedicated to bringing you exquisite artisan fragrances that you won't find in a department store. Who wants to smell like everyone else? Perfume embodies your emotions and character. Each scent makes you feel a different way and defines you in that particular moment in time.


A little bit about me...


From the ripe age of 10 years old, the perfumery bug hit me hard and I could be found in my Mother's flower garden soaking peony and violet petals in water trying to create my own signature perfumes. As an adult, I immersed myself into the olfactive arts and ancient perfumery methods which lead to my certification in Aromatherapy.


As a Certified Aromatherapist, I combine my knowledge of aromatherapy and the foundations of ancient perfumery. Each scent is hand-blended in my little workshop with the utmost love and attention to create the most full-bodied, intriguing fragrances for you. I want you to love your perfume as much as I loved creating it for you.


I also offer a custom bespoke perfume option that provides a unique gift for your significant other, best friend, bridesmaids or just a little treat for yourself. Click HERE


What inspires me?


Inspired by my travels to faraway lands and drawing inspiration from people I have met or historical figures is how each Sibérie perfume is developed. I am also inspired by art or visual images which is why I represent my fragrances with an image in my shop. I adore blending unique and personal fragrances that are not easily found in the commercial fragrance world. Most of my fragrances have been inspired by strong women in history or by fabulous inspiring women that I am blessed to call my friends. For example, La Mode & Suzy-Q were created for 2 of my BFF's.


Thank you for visiting my little perfumery! I appreciate all the love and support from my customers and the artisan fragrance community.

Custom Bespoke Perfumery- Looking for your own signature scent? I am happy to consult with you and custom blend something special just for you.  Please contact me via the Contact form or view my shop for the Custom Perfume listing.

Sibérie xoxo